IMS Services

Organisations are constantly challenged to become more competitive and grow market share. Reacting to these challenges often requires additional investment in IT systems and resource. Whilst at the same time companies are under pressure to reduce overall costs, which makes adopting new strategies and investing in systems a difficult balancing act.

Our expertise and knowledge of IBM Power8 servers (iSeries) and System 21 (Infor software and Aurora)  places us as a leading integrated management solutions provider. IMS has extensive industry experience and we have worked with leading manufacturers, processors, retailers and distributors in the UK and Europe.

We can successfully support your business by providing key services to assist you in developing and maintaining your ERP system and our commitment is to improve business practices and resolve business management problems through the effective use of IT.

In addition to consultancy services, IMS by working with Blue Chip, are able to provide you with computing power and storage on demand using a simple Pay as You Go flexible utilities based structure. Leading the way in Infrastructure as a Service on System i.

With this service, there is no longer a need to own and maintain contingency systems for peak periods or growth cycles – systems are available as and when you need them from the Blue Chip Data Centre. You are allocated a secure partition with the appropriate configuration to run your business critical systems from, we will provide the day to day management.

Offering a range of services from FREE consultancy to iSeries programming and project management to software support, IMS are your one-stop-shop for all your IT ERP system needs.