Our Approach

At IMS we believe it is critical for us to fully understand your business before we can design, modify or upgrade the system to meet your needs.

With that in mind, we work closely with our clients to identify their key objectives and the outcomes required by the business, and only once this is agreed do we consider the system developments required. Our focus is to find you a practical solution and we are determined and committed to finding you a solution that not only meets your technical needs, but also adds value to your business and provides good value for money.

IMS provide services relating to new IT systems, developing your current System 21 (Infor software and Aurora)  ERP software, upgrading your IBM Power servers (iSeries), full system integration or data extraction and migration projects. We will be there to help you all the way, or as much as you need. We’ll work closely with you to achieve the best from your IT systems with minimum disruption and maximum success. Our partnership approach means that we will provide you with on-going support services to help you to reduce downtime, maintain, increase the quality of your service, and increase your savings!

We believe your success is our success!

The IMS Success Story

We started the company in July 1990, and we are delighted to say that in the last 12 months we have had a number of key firsts!  Revising our systems and the introduction of our new customer service ticket system and the background systems to support it has been a challenge but is now working a treat and allowing us to monitor and control the status of jobs for our support clients more efficiently than ever before. GDPR compliance meant introduction of new client database controls but has also meant we now have more accurate and better quality data.

New projects related to exciting new areas such as Time Recording in production, SAP migration and supplier invoice upload have all kept the IMS team of consultants motivated and challenged and MTD  has driven the introduction of our own MTD Bridging Application and an increased focus on data audits and ensuring clean data for upload to HMRC.


The number of clients using Premium Support has continued to grow as word spreads and an ever-increasing numbers of clients appreciate having someone they can call about ANYTHING related to System 21 (Infor software and Aurora) with confidence that their problem will be resolved.

 If you want to work with a successful business that is continually growing and investing in its services, then call Simon Sherwood on 0845 1308499 to arrange a meeting.