QlikView is a globally successful Business Discovery platform used for rapid in-memory guided analytics 

IMS partner with Qlik to deliver business intelligence solutions, services and training. Solutions range from bespoke to out-of-the-box and from a specific task optimisation to top down organisational transformations.  IMS offer QlikView to our System 21 customers with the added value of understanding the database and how the business operates. Our aim is to optimise the business with expert solutions, consulting and training, supported by the QlikView Business Discovery platform.


  • Infor System 21 offers a flexible, advanced ERP Service
  • QlikView Development Consultancy – “Vision” trained QlikView Consultants will help you maximise your QlikView investment
  • QlikView Development Reviews and System Audits – Expert and comprehensive review of your QlikView development and the hardware supporting it
  • QlikView Environment Migrations
  • QlikView Upgrade Services.


  • QlikView Training Modules
  • QlikView Tailored Training
  • QlikView Best Practice Workshop


Brochure on Business Intelligence and QlikView from IMS