Creation and Distribution

Condense, optimize and accelerates outbound document driven processes by transforming raw data from existing applications into business documents ready for production and distribution via all kind of medium from print, to PDF, XML archive and WorkFlow.

Document output processes are generally very administratively intense, but with PrintBos, IMS can assist you to achieve a significant, positive impact on productivity and efficiency within the business.

  • Major savings on pre-printed paper, postage and stationery
  • Increased efficiency, productivity and cost savings
  • Incorporates business process intelligence into document output
  • Unified brand expression on all business outputs – mail, fax, print
  • Full integration with ERP, CRM, Billing, Accounting and other enterprise applications
  • Allows instant global updates to all documents
  • Reduction in number of printers required in the business
  • Integration of multiple data sources into dynamic documents and outputs
  • Total flexibility for dynamic handling of changes and producing documents on demand
  • Compatible with current equipment and applications.

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