Network Support

At IMS we offer network support solutions that are specific to IBM Power8 servers (iSeries)/AS400 environments, often IBM i systems are totally independent of the clients normal server/pc based network. We can help integrate the two environments helping improve productivity and the management of both the server and IBM  i.

As a company we understand both the Microsoft windows side of the network and also the IBM i specifics which are not often concerned when the systems are setup. We can help you with this.

We also offer support on IBM i network services (Web server, Apache, web sphere MQ and advanced SMTP configurations. As well as supporting Microsoft based services associated with the above. As often services cross over between environments as an example it’s not uncommon for an IBM i system to use a Microsoft exchange mail server as its mail relay.

The above are often integral to the operations of ERP system often running on the IBM i. So it makes sense to have a partner who understands both aspects. IMS are such a partner.

We offer both ad-hoc support or individually customised support contracts.

VPN network Support/firewall support

IMS offer support and implementation of IP based VPN services. We can assist with support of existing VPN setups. We have experience of both Cisco and Watchguard appliances. We offer both ad-hoc support for specific issues or network changes. Alternatively we can fully manage this aspect of your network on a support contract.

IMS has experience of both managed services (eg .Virgin IPVPN/MPLS), were the operator supplies circuits and managers the firewall and routers. We can also help were the customer wants to run their own VPN services across existing internet connections. IMS can help with both the supply of equipment, network design and system implementation.

We can help with both site to site VPN solutions and remote VPN setups for home workers and field sales. Allowing both notebook and tablet solutions (Such as IPAD’s) to give secure connectivity back to the back office system and IBM i based ERP systems.

IMS can also manage you firewall security which is often integral to the security of both your windows based systems and also IBM i system if you are planning to or currently have systems which are exposed to the internet.

IMS can help you with this and make sure your systems are totally secure