System Support

At IMS we offer system support solutions that are specific to IBM i/AS400 environments, We can help you with your backup strategy, keeping your operating system up to date including PTF work and operating system upgrades.

As a company we understand both the importance’s of the application environment and the operating system. Often the operating system is not included in the backup strategy. Or at best is done very infrequently and often not tested.

Often the only test is an actual DR (Disaster recovery) event, which is not the best time to find you have critical files missing from your backups.

At IMS we a wealth experience and can assist you with DR strategy and Backup strategy related to your IBM i environment and related hardware (HMC).

We also offer support for MIMIX high availability solutions on IBM i and can help you with a high availability strategy. Which works with your DR strategy and backup strategy.

The above are often integral to the operations of ERP system often running on the IBM i. So it makes sense to have a partner who understands both aspects. IMS are such a partner.