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IMS will work in partnership to maximise technology efficiencies and reduce running costs using highly skilled solutions and expertise.

Our goal is promoting business growth and a competitive edge by utilising best practice methodologies.

Technology Refreshes

All #IBM i software releases have a limited support timeframe. When a software release reaches End of Life, upgrades are available for a limited time only.

Make sure you are up to speed with the most recent advancements and ensure your updates are in place.

Power Platform Support

IBM i 7.4
IBM i 7.3
IBM i 7.2
IBM i 7.1

Enhancements from September 2021

– Power E1080 (9080-HEX) – Tech Refresh 5, Tech Refresh 11

– HMC and Virtualization enhancements

Enhancements from November 2020

– IBM i 7.1 Activation on selected Power S922 and E980 servers – Tech Refresh 11 + PTFs

– IBM Power H922 model 9223-22S – Tech Refresh 3, Tech Refresh 9 Resave RS-720-Q

– IBM Power H924 model 9223-42S – Tech Refresh 3, Tech Refresh 9 Resave RS-720-Q

Enhancements from July 2020

– IBM Power S914 model 9009-41G – Tech Refresh 2, Tech Refresh 8, Resave RS-720-Q

– IBM Power S924 model 9009-42G -Tech Refresh 2, Tech Refresh 8, Resave RS-720-Q

AIBM Power S922 model 9009-22G (8-, 10-, 11-core processor offerings, which require VIOS) – Tech Refresh 2, Tech Refresh 8, Resave RS-720-Q

– AIBM Power S922 model 9009-22G 1-core option – Tech Refresh 2, Tech Refresh 8, Resave RS-720-Q

Enhancements from Nov 2019

– IBM Power S924 model 9009-42A adds 11-core and 22-core configurations – Tech Refresh 1, Tech Refresh 7, Resave RS-720-P

– AHMC and Novalink injection of license keys to an IBM i LPAR – Tech Refresh 1, Tech Refresh 7, Resave RS-720-P

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  • Standard Support

    Unlimited access to our technical team means IMS will always be on hand to assist whatever the issue and whenever it occurs. We thrive on providing rapid diagnosis and resolution of your system problems and work collaboratively to deliver these objectives minimising downtime.


  • Premium Support

    Our Premium Support offering can be used across a range of functions from the ERP to IBM Server environments. IMS offers a bespoke service with no formal contract or fixed term designed for maximum flexibility. This unique service operates on a simple ‘pay and go’ concept to work in conjunction with any existing arrangements.


  • IBM Solution Support

    IMS is a leading authority when it comes to fully optimising Infor System 21 and Aurora ERP. We have been an Infor System 21 specialist for many years, and our strengths focus around but are not exclusive to: Project Management & Scheduling, Manufacturing/Materials Planning, Financials, Inventory and Purchasing.

    Our Solution Expertise:

    System 21 Aurora Configurator, System 21 Francais, System 21 Aurora CS&L Database, System 21 Aurora Customer Returns, System 21 Aurora Distribution Requirements Planning, System 21 Aurora Document Processing, System 21 Aurora EDI Interface, System 21 Aurora Enterprise Orders, System 21 Aurora Finance, System 21 Aurora Forecasting, System 21 Aurora General Ledger, System 21 Aurora Generic application, System 21 Aurora Generic Finance Database, System 21 Aurora Inventory Management, System 21 Aurora Location Control, System 21 Aurora Manufacturing, System 21 Aurora Manufacturing Database, System 21 Aurora Manufacturing MRP, System 21 Aurora Master Production Scheduling, System 21 Aurora Material Requirements Planning, System 21 Aurora Multi-currency, System 21 Aurora OM Order Management, System 21 Aurora Order Capture, System 21 Aurora PC Uplift, System 21 Aurora PDM – Base, System 21 Aurora PDM – Extended, System 21 Aurora Prime Currency Conversion, System 21 Aurora Production Control, System 21 Aurora Production Definition Maintenance, System 21 Aurora Production Order Control, System 21 Aurora Production Support, System 21 Aurora Purchase Management, System 21 Aurora Purchase Requisitions, System 21 Aurora Report Writer, System 21 Aurora Requisitioning, System 21 Aurora S21 to Aurora Conversion, System 21 Aurora Sales Analysis, System 21 Aurora Sales Order Processing, System 21 Aurora Schedule Control, System 21 Aurora STRM400, System 21 Aurora Telesales, System 21 Aurora Transport Planning, System 21 Aurora Trusted Link, System 21 Aurora US Sales Tax, System 21 Aurora Warehousing, System 21 Aurora Workspace, System 21 Aurora World Trade


  • Hardware Support

    Working in partnership with BlueChip we offer comprehensive lifecycle support solutions for your IBMi Series infrastructure. Maintaining tight SLA’s, our response times reflect on the urgency to efficiently manage your business-critical functions. Contact us for further information on our Hardware Support terms.

    iSeries Consultancy and Support Overview:

    RPG400, RPGSQL, RPG FREEFORMAT, QUERY 400, SQL 400, DFU 400, IFS, OS400, OS400, AS400 Communications Management

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