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Knowledge of finance combined with an extensive knowledge of System 21 means we are a valuable conduit between departments.

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Specialist expertise in System 21 is increasingly hard to find. IMS is in the enviable position of having consultants with a wealth of ERP and financial experience.

With a detailed understanding of the commercial world, coupled with intricate knowledge in relation to support and development of ERP platforms, IMS empowers decision-makers and stakeholders to maximise their System 21/Aurora performance.

Premium and Standard Support options are available and are tailored to suit  specific business needs, and deliver rapid diagnosis and resolution to system challenges.

Behind every successful business is an effective and efficient ERP. Since System 21’s inception, we have been supporting clients simplify production development, streamline sourcing, improve automation to improve decision-making. Our strengths include, but are not exclusive to the following areas:

– Electronic Data Exchange (EDI)

– Project Management

– Sales & Purchasing

– Inventory

– Advanced Financial Integrator (AFI)

– RPG Bespoke Modifications

– 3rd Party Integrations

Our work within System 21 spans a cross-section of business sectors such as Food and Beverage, Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance and Automotive – assisting organisations in fully optimising their systems to streamline, simplify and automate. Not only does this mean time and cost savings, but also the provision of insight to enable improved analysis and commercial outcomes.

Here are examples of some of the bespoke module development work we have delivered. This is by no means a complete list as the enquires received span various business areas:

System 21 Aurora Accounts Payable

System 21 Aurora Accounts Receivable

System 21 Aurora Advanced Customer Scheduling

System 21 Aurora Advanced Financial Integrator

System 21 Aurora Advanced Order Entry

System 21 Aurora Advanced Receiving

System 21 Aurora Advanced Shipping

System 21 Aurora AFI

System 21 Aurora Application Extraction

System 21 Aurora BACS module

System 21 Aurora Business Intelligence BI

System 21 Aurora Cash Management

System 21 Aurora Customer Returns

System 21 Aurora Distribution Requirements Planning

System 21 Aurora Document Processing

System 21 Aurora EDI Interface

System 21 Aurora Enterprise Orders

System 21 Aurora Forecasting

System 21 Aurora General Ledger

System 21 Aurora Inventory Management

System 21 Aurora Location Control

System 21 Aurora Manufacturing

System 21 Aurora Order Capture

System 21 Aurora Purchase Management

System 21 Aurora Purchase Requisitions

System 21 Aurora Requisitioning

System 21 Aurora Sales Analysis

System 21 Aurora Sales Order Processing

System 21 Aurora Telesales

System 21 Aurora Transport Planning

System 21 Aurora Trusted Link

System 21 Aurora Vendor Scheduling

System 21 Aurora Warehousing

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