The now public knowledge that the Infor iSeries division is being disbanded has given IT departments a new challenge, and an opportunity for IT departments to review their plans.

The good news is …………………….. Now, you have a choice !

Have you recently invested in a new platform or a hardware upgrade and need to maintain the promised ROI? We can provide the support you need to cost effectively extend your product life.

IMS and Blue Chip have the experience and the resources to assist with your iSeries Aurora systems right through the entire stack, from base level infrastructure through to the application and ongoing operation to keep your business moving forward.

Is it time for a new business partner?

Giving you the choice of services and not simply replacing what was previously available from the manufacturer, who was dictating the latest, greatest and most expensive. This is an opportunity not to use a single supplier for everything, an opportunity to look at all the other options which are now available.

IMS and Blue Chip provide a full range of support services for your iSeries infrastructure and applications including:

  • New Hardware
  • Remarketed hardware
  • Hardware upgrades
  • OS upgrades
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Disaster recovery and high availability
  • Operating System support
  • Infrastructure support and management
  • Data centre service
  • IaaS
  • Applications
  • Support
  • Upgrades