Development Solutions

The IMS Development team provides a range of solutions, tailored to the individual needs of your organisation. From websites and portals to RPG development, our experts can help you modernise and streamline your business practices


Website Development

In the changing face of digital marketing, it is essential that businesses effectively maintain their online presence to maximise growth, with websites typically refreshed every 5 years. The IMS team can help you maintain and develop your website as well as integrate with portals for the optimum user experience.


Portal Development

An integral part of system modernisation, our expert Web & Portal developers can provide a range of solutions to integrate with your businesses processes to provide a modern and seamless user experience, transforming the traditional “green on black” screen for ease of use for both internal and customer-facing processes.


RPG Development

We understand that for many organisations, having a dedicated in-house RPG developer may not be feasible. Our team of experienced RPG developers are available to assist in the conversion, development, and maintenance of your ERP applications. Our bespoke RPG programming services covers RPG400, RPGILE, SQLRPGLE, RPG III and Free Format

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