Have you tested your DR solution recently? Could you get the DR codes for your iSeries? Did all the other parts of your system 21 work as they should?

Hopefully most of you test your DR plans every year and never have any problems. Even if you do have issues, at least they are under test and not when your offices have just been burnt down. However many companies do not test their plans and never know whether they will work. Hopefully they do not find out the hard way.

But todays businesses are more complicated and they rely on more than just the iSeries. Does your plan cover EDI? What about Workspace or Order Capture. Can you quickly obtain all of the necessary keys to run this software on new hardware. Does it link into the plethora of other software that runs your business e.g. BI tools, planning software, WMS systems etc.

Do you test your backups regularly? When was the last time you performed a SAVSYS as recommended by IBM?