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We are in a unique position to assist businesses with a combination of  IBM i and WAN/LAN networks with their security concerns.

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IBM i Power Systems Disaster Recover, Security and Support are critical aspects of your infrastructure deployment.

Our solutions are specific to IBM i Power servers (iSeries) environments, and this includes security solutions.

Power servers (iSeries) Security

Often IBM Power Servers are entirely independent of the clients normal server/PC based network. We can help integrate the security of internet facing environments. Securing the IBM i system and handling the issues associated with having an IBM i system visible over the internet.

We understand both the network security and also the IBM Power Server specifics which are all too often not considered when the IBM Power Server are being used for internet facing purposes such as online trading, payment system systems and customer portals. IMS are uniquely placed as a company who understands both security appliances such as Cisco ASA, Watchguard and the Power servers (iSeries), so we can advise and assist with the setup and vulnerability of these appliances.

Our services include:

Set up and configuration of VPNs using IPSEC

  • IBM i Power Server Backup (BaaS) protection, disaster recovery and security solutions
  • IBM i Power Server DDoS Denial of Service assessment and prevention
  • IBM i Power Server Cisco IOS
  • IBM i Power Server PIX firewalls
  • IBM i Power Server ASA security appliances
  • IBM i Power Server LINUX firewall implementations
  • IBM i Power Server Vulnerability and penetration testing
  • Applying and developing security policies on LAN/WAN IBM i Power Server

3 Way Matching

The processing of supplier invoices is a very time consuming process. Your business can speed up this process and achieve enhanced price variance analysis using Three Way Matching in System 21.

When your business receives an invoice from a supplier, it matches the information on the invoice to two other documents – a purchase order forwarded to it by the purchasing department and the receipt that was prepared by the company. A medium sized retail or distribution business may process thousands of supplier invoices per month and with the right systems in place invoices can be imported electronically and automatically processed through an enhanced analysis process.

Three Way Matching provides a solution to simplify the processing and matching within System 21 of all three documents at one time. The process enables the business to analyse System 21 variances in different ways; examining whether it was a gain or loss, and whether it was caused by a price or currency variance.

Automating this process can also remove a large amount of manual analysis from System 21 and make the processing of supplier invoices more efficient, whilst providing the enhanced price System 21 variance analysis that can enhance your business. In addition, this more efficient way of processing invoices can also free staff to concentrate on the invoices where there are System 21 queries.

Disaster Recovery – System 21 and IBM iSeries

When disaster strikes, your business can be thrown directly in the deep-end without a paddle. Without the ability to carry out every-day business processes, your company can be losing money by the second. Preparation for continuation or recovery of  System 21 and IBM i Series needs to be taken very seriously. A loss of critical business systems can prove to be fatal to a business.

Planning for, and being prepared for, the occurrence of a disaster, with our help could save your business and guarantee continuity of business IBM i  Series operations. To ensure you receive the cover you need all our  IBM i Series System 21 Disaster Recovery solutions are tailor-made and created with your business in mind. To ensure you are getting the best possible expertise in ensuring High Availability to your system Integrated Management Solutions (Global) Ltd work with Blue Chip. Blue Chip are recognised market leaders in IBM iSeries hosting, support and managed services. Working together, we are now able to fully support your System 21 and IBM Power servers (iSeries).

Blue Chip’s Disaster Recovery services guarantee that in the event that your company suffers a disaster, whatever that disaster may be, we will get your IBM i Series Power Server System 21 up and running again. We will provide replacement hardware available for you to work on from the Blue Chip Data Centre, or we will deliver replacement hardware to any UK site and guarantee to be on the road within 4 hours.

Within 4 hours of reporting an emergency you can be provided with all of the following;

  • A replacement Power servers (iSeries) of the same or greater specification
  • Mobile Recovery – Power servers (iSeries) on the road and on it’s way to you site
  • Data Centre Recovery – iSeries data being restored ready for use at the Blue Chip Disaster Recovery Centre
  • Experienced IBM support technicians to restore your complete system, start to finish
  • IBM Power servers (iSeries) Disaster Recovery Service

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