What do you do when your IT manager is on holiday? Do you struggle through and hope nothing goes wrong? Or do you call him to get his help and interfere with his holiday. Well at IMS we can offer another solution.

Support resources are not just a holiday issue:

  • What if IT are too busy?
  • What if you have a question about S21 which is not support?
  • What if the issue relates to bespoke which is not covered by your support agreement?
  • Perhaps you just need to discuss something with a knowledgeable person?

IMS can provide a resource that is experienced with networks and the IBM iSeries so he can cope with any issues that may arise, supporting the company and allowing the IT manager the holiday he deserves. With a proper handover he can also progress projects and any other actions required. If System 21 calls arise he can either direct them to your current support entity or to the IMS support team to ensure they are dealt with promptly. We have support offerings to suit all requirements, from adhoc to outsource.

Read  more about our support options.  Find out if this solution is right for your business call dharrison@imsolutions.info or email him on dharrison@imsolutions.info.