Everything in life is in constant change, constantly in the process of becoming something else. Nothing stays exactly as it is. Nothing. Movement and change constitute the reality of our being. This is true in every aspect of life, but it is highly noticeable in the area of IT. Products that were highly popular 5 years ago are now featured nowhere in company plans, and keeping up to date on new products, new ideas and new strategies is a constant pressure for the IT department.

The most successful businesses build change into the DNA of the company, recognising its strength to create differentiation and competitive opportunity and ensuring that at the same time as adopting the new they protect investment and maximise use of resources in the solutions they have already invested in.

Over the last 10 years, we have witnessed many changes in the IBMi world and we have worked with many companies to ensure that their investment in the iSeries is optimised and to support their continually evolving solutions.

It is my view that we are now entering a new phase. The market for System 21 support is changing in response to a product in which companies still have a considerable investment, but where new installations are increasingly rare, and the number of skilled personnel available to support the product are becoming more limited as new young and enthusiastic support engineers focus on new products running in Windows and UNIX environments. As the market becomes increasingly resource limited IMS have recognised a need for a different type of support contract that provides specialist support and delivers value for money and flexibility.

IMS have therefore introduced Premium Support. The service can be used for anything; from System21 user training to running queries on the IBM Power8 (iSeries). We provide tailored iSeries support for you to supplement your existing generic support plan. Premium Support covers all System 21 (Infor software and Aurora Workspace), bespoke RPG, queries and general Power8 server (iSeries) operations. There is no formal contract required and there is no fixed term. All that is required is a minimum of 3 days commitment and this unique service operates on a simple ‘pay and go’ concept, with a minimum charge of 1hr per support call. Designed for maximum flexibility and fairness the service operates in conjunction with any other support package you may already have, including Infor standard support.