Are your assets still recorded in a spreadsheet? Do you find it difficult to maintain them and prone to errors? Has the person who set up the spreadsheet left and now no-one knows how to maintain it?

Well, if you have the System 21 Fixed Asset module (which most people using the iSeries do) then IMS can help you implement it and take away all of your problems.

There are many benefits to using an integrated module:

  • Directly linked to the GL
  • Links to purchasing for full control of new asset acquisitions
  • Depreciation automatically calculated and posted
  • Full audit trail of disposals
  • Full reporting capabilities

So many companies don’t get around to implementing Fixed Assets because they think it is difficult and will take a long time. Well, IMS can help you plan the implementation and even advise on verifying your assets before you set them up.

So if you would like a FOC and without obligation chat about Fixed Assets, call David Harrison on 0845 1308499 or at