Is it getting difficult to find resources to support your iSeries environment? Do you rely on a small internal support team? Are you worried about when they retire or are unable to work?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of the above, IMS can help by taking the load off of your IT Department and support your iSeries estate and software in its totality. This would mean no difference to the user, but for the IT Manager/Director, it would mean peace of mind.

IMS can;

· Manage all iSeries support calls via your IT Support reporting structure

· Manage your iSeries hardware including backups, ptf application and hardware failures

· Maintain and test DR and HA solutions to ensure the business does not suffer any interruption

· Monitor system security and control access to the iSeries

· Provide 1st line support to System 21

· Support bespoke RPG developments

· Support calendared events such as month end finance procedures

· Offer system housekeeping

· Support Workspace, Workflow and Order Capture including upgrades

· Manage software and hardware upgrades

All daily support offered for a fixed monthly sum and out of hours support available as an option. Special rates offered for additional project work.

So if your iSeries is an integral and important part of your IT infrastructure, but you are struggling to manage it in a cost effective way, call David Harrison on 07500 933592 or contact him on After all, IMS is a ‘Solutions’ company.