According to the January blog item in the IBM Systems Magazine IBM will deliver so many capabilities on the iSeries  in the next five years, it would be impossible to list them all! They provide the following themes to give us all a clue:

  • Solutions: Platform driven by the business solutions built on top  means finding the next DB2 functions, which will have high business value, as well as investing in the programming languages, environments and tools which will be needed to build the solutions.
  • On-Site and Cloud: IBM i clients, by a large margin, use the iSeries platforms on site.  IBM are dedicated to making the combination of IBM i and Power Systems as good in that cloud environment as it’s always been if you own the box on site.
  • Simple & Integrated; Secure & Available:  these are the hallmarks of this platform from the day it was created, and IBM will work to ensure they remain strengths.

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