At IMS we offer system support and training via a secure TeamViewer  session. This allows IMS support staff  to:

  • Complete support tasks remotely
  • Assist with user training / Review problems / Customer issues
  • Send/Receive files/documents  securely
  • Full remote control of your system

Traditionally as a company we usually only have access to the backend systems. TeamViewer allows us to support the front end application and the desktop view. Previously customers would send screenshots or try to describe the problem via email or over the phone. TeamViewer helps both IMS and you the customer resolve the issue far quicker.

The Teamviewer application runs a standalone program which does not install any software on your system. As long as you can run the program and your computer is attached to the internet, then a secure connection can be made. Usually no special firewall rules are required and most corporate IT departments allow the use of TeamViewer.

The use of TeamViewer will improve remote support between you the customer and IMS support staff.