Increasingly companies are receiving documents in XML format but they still need to import this data into System 21 Aurora. Traditionally E-commerce documents have either been received through EDI or in CSV format.

For many companies the files are received by email, the attachments are then saved to a dedicated drive and then transferred to the iSeries. This process remains the same, it is just the processing of the file that is different.

IMS have developed functionality to convert the XML file into the same file format as the CSV file so that the current interfaces still work without amendment. The system will just need to identify whether it is receiving an XML file and if so execute new program. This program uses calls to open source procedures to read the XML file. Alternatively the data can be written directly to JBA interface files, bypassing the legacy csv file process.

So if you need a simple and cost effective solution to convert XML files for use on the iSeries, call IMS on 0845 1308499.