PC end points create a multipoint vulnerability in your network and can be time consuming and complex to manage. IMS has addressed this problem with a set of managed cloud based security tools for your PC network.

Integrated Management Solutions (Global) Ltd is an AVG partner and can monitor your PCs for you thorough our remote console. We can manage some or all your PCs, check they are up to date, monitor for unusual activity, maintain backups, provide anti-spam and anti-virus protection and generally remove all the stress of PC management without any capital outlay, new training requirements or need to find more space in your datacentre.

We use AVG Workplace, which provides management and data giving you a central place of management, a management console, helpdesk and 24×7  monitoring all on a low per PCs cost.

This solution is low cost, reduces the workload on your staff, provides protection to your network and leaves you with no worries just security protection, spam protection and the knowledge that someone has your back.

High Availability

Have you  considered the security and availability of the connection between your PC network and your iSeries?

IMS have recently completed a number of projects in this area and would be happy to share some of the knowledge and experience we have gained. Call David on  0845 1308499 or email him at dharrison@imsolutions.info.

Case study coming soon! Watch this space.

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