sts, IMS have developed a mechanism to transfer customer price lists from a spreadsheet onto System21 to update customer price lists. This list will be automatically uploaded for each price type, discount group and item code. The utility also has the facility to delete customer price lists.

By properly using effectivity dates, prices can be uploaded in advance which ensures invoices are priced correctly. This will maximise profitability and negate the need to investigate pricing errors whilst maintaining customer service levels.

• A validation routine will display any items or prices that are invalid. If items are invalid because they do not exist in System 21, they will not be uploaded, but a report of them will be produced after the file is uploaded.

• The validation enquiry will show incorrect item code and invalid or overlapping effective dates.

This project enabled business critical price files to be updated quickly, efficiently and accurately, whenever required. This saved a considerable amount of manual input and the errors that result and will probably allow the client to update prices more frequently.