Connection to the external network exposes an organisation’s external-facing services to a larger and untrusted network, usually the Internet. This always has security implications. Any service provided to users on the external network can be a security risk. The most common of these services are Web servers, Mail servers, FTP servers and VoIP servers but your iSeries transactions are also a risk.

Security, like disaster recovery, is something companies seem to only truly take seriously and move up their agenda when disaster strikes.

Often IBM i systems are totally independent of the clients normal server/pc based network. We can help integrate the security of internet facing environments. We understand both the network security and also the IBM i specifics which are all too often not considered when the systems are being used for internet facing purposes such as online trading, payment system systems and customer portals.

IMS are uniquely placed as a company who understands both security appliances such as Cisco ASA, Watchguard and the iSeries, so we can advise and assist with the setup and vulnerability of these appliances.

With all the current high profile security breaches, perhaps it is time to review your security and the associated infrastructure. We offer both ad-hoc support and security audits or individually customised support contracts.