At IMS we offer security support solutions that are specific to IBM Power8 servers (iSeries)/AS400  environments, often IBM i systems are totally independent of the clients normal server/pc based network.

We are uniquely placed as a company who understand security appliances such as Cisco ASA, Watchguard. So can advise and assist with the setup and vulnerability of these appliances.

With all the current high profile security breaches.  Perhaps it’s time to review your IBM i security and associated infrastructure. IMS can help with this.

So it makes sense to have a partner who understands both aspects. IMS are such a partner.

We offer both ad-hoc support  and security audits or individually customised support contracts.

If you want to work with a successful business that is continually growing and investing in its services, then call Archie Gardner on 0845 1308499 or 07885104218 to arrange a ‘without obligation’ meeting.

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