I don’t think many people would disagree that customer service is not what it used to be and not what it should be. Many people blame it on a particular generation, and others see it as just another example the increased focus on profit. Be reassured Service is not yet a dirty word in the the world of IBM iSeries and AS400 related support and consultancy.

In our philosophy business is not that complicated. Take good care of your customers and they will come back and send their friends. The complication comes when you add ever increasing operating costs, an over-abundance of competition, inexperienced staff and a customer base that has less time and higher expectations. IMS are determined to stay small, agile and customer focussed to provide a consistent high quality service to our customers. For us it is not all about the profit or about following the next trend in cloud or big data or AI – IMS consultants actually love our work!

Smart companies are refocusing and moving from original manufacturers support and service to dedicated and experienced companies like IMS that offer excellent customer service because we can see the value. We believe that our customers see the value as well and that they have the final word!

Register for a free half day audit to revise your IBM iSeries, AS400 or related networks for ways to optimise your system performance. It could be the the best 4 hours you ever spent.