Could IMS be the extra piece of the puzzle that your IT support team needs?

IMS can provide a System 21 and related networking product virtual IT team. We can work as an extension of your existing team or as a full service resource. We have the skills and personnel to support both ERP (System 21) issues,  network support and to provide a conduit for third parties.

IMS can  provide 24 x 7 services or  selective support based on skills and/or specified times to cover for support requirements such as  retirement, sick leave, or holidays. We are  already providing this service to key clients.

Client 1
IMS supplement their existing team creating a large virtual team with wider experience and expertise.

Client 2
They have one onsite IT resource so to take pressure off this resource all their  IT calls are initially routed to IMS reducing the workload pressure on internal IT support.

IMS have in place an ITSM solution for support requests and fault reporting with all the management, escalation, customer communication and reporting that a customer needs. All calls come to us and we work to an agreed SLA to ensure more uniformed support for your customers/users.

Call 0845 1308499 or email Simon Sherwood on if you have any questions or would like to discuss your support needs.