There is simply no substitute for hard-earned experience if you truly want to be successful. Our team of iSeries specialists has in excess of 50 years of combined experience in the design and implementation of IBM iSeries related software, networks, applications and upgrades for manufacturing, distribution and retail businesses throughout Europe. With the rise of PCs, windows and server technology there has been a reduction in the numbers of specialists focussing on the iSeries.

Today, the IMS team is one the foremost industry experts in iSeries and is assisting over 40 firms with their iSeries related developments and troubleshooting. In additional to an iSeries focussed support offering IMS are able to provide a depth of experience of iSeries developments that we are confident is superior to provided anywhere else in the UK.

IMS experience comes from working on a wide variety of projects and solutions and as we continue to assist with overspill projects and troubleshooting as well as providing backup to your own onsite experts.

So if you need assistance with IT infrastructure, hardware, software or applications related to iSeries then call David Harrison on 07500 933592 or contact him on