There are hundreds of Technology companies in the UK offering specialist capabilities in everything from security and disaster recovery to IP Telephones and network optimisation. In this highly competitive market we find we still have capabilities that our customers just can’t find elsewhere.

At IMS our skills bridge the gaps between the iSeries, the network and the internet right through to the applications. We have skills in all parts of the cycle and are therefore able to deliver an end to end view of your solution. All our staff are highly skilled and as a result we understand your our customers issues and frustrations, we are used to a wide variety of problems, some of which are highly complex. We can be a firefighter or an extension to your team when you can’t do it yourself. If it’s IBMi then IMS can do it.

IMS has extensive experience and can work with you to apply the processes, methods, knowledge and experience we have in both Power8 servers (iSeries) and IT Technology to achieve your project objectives.

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Disaster Recovery and Security
network hardware/ software issues
PCs and Servers
Workspace Services
Web & Portals


We are not here to sell you hardware or software – we are here to help you optimise your IBMi.