Hardware Services are rather like house insurance – always needed but often not reviewed until a problem focuses the mind.

  • IMS Support Services help reduce your costs and gain access to rapid diagnosis and resolution of your system problems.
  • IMS assistance with people and process issues can help your system run smoothly post implementation
  • IMS hosted services can assist you in taking responsibility for the environment, the security or the resilience of your systems and data
  • Legacy IT systems need support, IMS can provide your business with the security and the confidence that the system will be kept operational.

We are here to assists with any IBM(i) related hardware issues. Is now the time to review your services? Call Archie Gardner on 0845 1308499 or 07885104218 to arrange a ‘without obligation’ meeting.

ebm-papst UK called on IMS to provide urgent assistance when an unexpected hardware failure and power outage combined to corrupt their data  Read more. https://www.imsolutions.info/case-studies/series-1-data-corruption-troubleshooting-rapid-response/