Tesco employ over 500,000 people in 12 markets and are dedicated to providing compelling offers to their customers. Good and responsive customer service is key. As a large enterprise Tesco inevitably receive a lot of debit notes related to both quantity and price variances. IMS was asked to investigate ways to reduce the time taken processing Debit Notes and to investigate ways to reduce the errors and delays that the existing manual system was producing.

Although the Tesco Debit Notes were delivered electronically, they were processed manually. Not only is this time consuming, but it is also prone to error and delay. They were looking for a way to enter the Debit Notes on the sales ledger electronically, so that they can be automatically allocated when payments are received. As a key partner, IMS were asked to come up with a workable and cost effective solution.

The system was developed and implemented quickly, providing immediate benefits. The system copes with all types of debit notes by allowing the required data to be in a consistent agreed format in an Excel file (CSV option). The entries in the sales ledger appear as JL journals. To simplify the system, the standard sales ledger interface is used. Once they are uploaded, the Debit Notes will be authorised manually fitting in seamlessly to the current procedure, so that validation on the system is minimal.

Could electronic Debit Note handling make your organisation more effective? Contact IMS today and ask us to investigate how we can deliver immediate benefit to your business.