RPG is the programming language most closely associated with the IBM iSeries. Applications such as Infor’s System 21 are written in RPG. There are other applications on the iSeries which are written in different languages such as Java or COBOL.

RPG is broken down into different flavours, for example if you are running System 21 Aurora the application is written in RPGLE (RPG IV), however if you are running an earlier version of System 21 the applications will be written in an older version of the RPG language (RPG III).

One of the benefits of RPGLE is that it allows better ‘communications’ between other languages along with other technical and design advantages. Design advantages, such as ‘modules’, mean that we can design programs that are comprised of several re-usable routines to solve common business problems , making program maintenance much more affordable and much less complicated .

Programming (regardless of the language involved) allows you to create software built around your existing systems to your own specification. Thus your software is designed to enhance your processes and is totally unique to your business.

Our programmers (many of whom are ex-JBA) have a wealth of experience working in different industries and with a variety of RPG flavours, so why not give IMS a call on 0845 130 8499 to discuss how to make your system work better for you?