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The RPG programming language is still used in numerous ERP (enterprise resource planning) and financial software applications.

There are plenty of mid-range IBMi users still in existence.

You may have the perception that programmers using the RPG language tend to be older and are starting to look at retiring.

Here at IMS, we have the resources you may be looking for to help you convert, maintain, or develop your systems using RPG code.

Our bespoke development services cover RPG400, RPGILE, SQLRPGLE and Free Format.

Programming regardless of the language involved allows you to create software around your existing systems to your specifications.

Software that is designed to enhance your processes and is unique to your business.

RPG is the programming language most closely associated with the IBM iSeries AS400. Applications such as System 21 (Infor software and Aurora) are written in RPG although there are other applications on the AS400 which are written in different languages such as Java or COBOL.

RPG is broken down into different flavours, for example, if you are running an earlier version of System 21 the applications will be written in an older version of the RPG language RPG III.

IMS PRG programmers can apply skills and design capabilities to solve common business problems and make program maintenance much more affordable and much less complicated.

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