In an ever more competitive market, most manufacturing and distribution companies have recognised the need to streamline operations in order to increase profit, and this includes consideration of ways to reduce employee costs, while still maintaining quality services for clients.  Human resources management has also evolved to include different types of employment, including more part-time employees and contractors.

iSeries support and maintenance is an area where finding qualified employees is increasingly difficult and therefore can be expensive. Utilising contractors through a firm such as IMS who are able to provide skilled and specialist personnel is a good alternative. Unlike full-time and part-time workers, contractors are not official employees of the company. They are specialists hired for a specific position or task, and their training and skills development is not the company’s responsibility.  Since they are not employees, companies do not have to offer benefits or pay taxes, payroll, or social security costs. Contractors invoice the companies they work for, often on a weekly or monthly basis, and pay their own insurance and taxes. If the task is a specialised, short-term task, a contractor will usually be more cost effective than a full time employee will. Although the daily or weekly rate may seem high initially, when employment cost savings are taken into account and the hours paid are calculated based on those worked rather than an ongoing commitment regardless of work requirement, the argument for using contractors is strong and the cost saving can be considerable.

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