Gates and Allen, Lennon and McCartney, Ant and Dec…some of history’s greatest partnerships have taken their differences and pooled them together to provide something unique, and infinitely effective. So, what about On-Premise and Cloud. How can they coexist to work for you?

If you have invested heavily in your on-premise platforms particularly legacy, it is vital to know where to go next technologically. You do not have to ditch your existing infrastructure to facilitate Digital Transformation to improve agility and scalability, IMS can help you through the minefield of any subsequent steps. If a move to cloud is in the offing, our accredited and experienced consultants can help identify the administration challenges of running business critical systems to determine the best methodology and help you run resources concurrently, seamlessly.

Think you need ditch any legacy systems for the cloud to engage in digital transformation? Think again…IMS has the expertise to logically understand the most complex requirements to provide the finest hybrid hosting environments bringing together The Best of Both Worlds for our clients.

IMS can help get you where you need to be.