Office 365 is the de facto suite for many businesses. Have you considered moving yet?

  • Why choose Office 365? As the industry standard for productivity suites, competing solutions are measured against applications from the Office 365 suite.
  • When is Office 365 available? The latest version is available now. The current subscription includes Office 2019 applications.

Benefits of Office 365:

Cost and flexibility
Per user licensing is comparable and typically more cost-effective than on-premise licensing.

Instant upgrades and access to new features
The cloud-based model ensures real-time updates, improved scalability and is less complex to maintain than on-premise alternatives.

Built in data security and compliance
With the advent of GDPR your data needs to be compliant. Microsoft Office 365 is certified to the highest ISO 27001 standards. IMS can discuss your SaaS security options.

Flexible working
Employees can access company files away from the office securely without the need to set up VPNs, saving time and hassle. Staff can work anywhere and all that is required is an internet connection.

Bigger Storage
MS Office 365 can offer larger storage capacities. Backups can be automated, therefore manual methods are a thing of the past.

Office 365 is allowing businesses to change the way they work. TEAMS has become a favoured online meeting platform during these unprecedented times. Employees can use TEAMS to call, connect and chat within an organisation and externally at any time and from any device.

With over three decades of migration support experience under our belt, IMS will provide the expertise and resources to plan and deliver your Office 365 transformation project with minimal disruption. Contact us today.

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