Is your business system doing everything you want or are you working around it? Well perhaps another answer is to work smarter not harder.

Inefficient workflows can have a serious impact on the efficiency of any business.  An interesting example is provided by a recent project worked on by IMS consultants related to a clients business rebate system.On examining the existing system workflow it was found to be was cumbersome, time consuming and prone to errors. The account manager would manually complete a form, which was submitted for review and authorisation by both their line manager and the head of the business unit. Once authorised the rebate request was forwarded to the finance department where a spreadsheet-based system was used to calculate final figures, the data was entered manually, and the final rebate calculated and implemented.IMS were able to establish the workflow and create a beginning to end online system where authorisation is handled electronically and does not require the authorising person to be in the same building, or even the same country.  In this case, authorisation is completed using PDF electronic signatures and the data is automatically transferred to the finance department, where all manual data entry is removed avoiding data entry errors.  The whole process is smooth, fast, location independent, platform independent and highly accurate.

IMS has been working with Infor System 21 for nearly 20 years and knows how rich it is in functionality. Countless times, we discover clients doing things manually that the system will do for them. Perhaps the system way is better and more efficient.

Whatever the reason, IMS can help you work SMARTER and not HARDER and cope with the changes in the economy without having to invest large sums of money in new systems. Arrange a FOC and without OBLIGATION site visit here.