Document Management enables a business to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner.  Integrated Management Solutions (IMS) provide scanning solutions and utilise the PrintBos software to implement Document Management solutions.

Capture and Processing

Many organisations rely heavily on paper documentation for business processes. This results in a significant amount of time spent physically managing documents to extract all kinds of data.

It is not a secret that to remain a competitive business, you must find ways to reduce costs by streamlining resource-intensive labour.

With electronic processing, businesses can automate data entry and standardise the flow of paper, achieving a significant reduction of costs and increased productivity.

Although different industries often have distinct business processes and regulations, they all share the need to efficiently access data from paperwork. This solution allows enterprises to automate those processes in the following areas:

  • Forms processing
  • Invoice processing
  • Purchase order or claims processing
  • Digital mailrooms

Routing and Storage

Businesses spend large amounts on storing, searching, and retrieving information from documents in a normal workday.

Electronic Routing

Standard business processes can become easier and less costly to execute and manage by using Document Management to electronically route documents, alert users of pending WorkFlow assignments and track progress step by step using WorkFlow.

Document Storage

The requirement to store large volumes of documentation for legal reasons creates problems with storage. In most businesses after an account is closed there are still boxes of paperwork to do with accounts that have to be kept. Outsourced scanning bureau solutions offer saving on storage and provide easier and quicker solutions to finding data if needed.