Do you regularly issue credit notes? Do you wish you could analyse them on screen? Well IMS has developed a facility to do just that!

The program automatically displays open credit note values within a matrix of reason codes and periods so that you can spot trends on the screen without producing a report. There is also the ability to ‘window’ across periods, you can then drill down to a complete list of individual open credit notes for any given reason code to look for unusual entries and you can then drill down further to the actual credit note. This uses standard functionality and enquiry options with all of the additional enquiries at each level.

For any business regularly issuing credit notes this could save a lot of time and effort, as any user can view the dynamically updated screen at any time. AFI may also have been used to post the different reason codes to separate codes in the general ledger for financial analysis.  If required, a download function can be provided to export the data to Excel.

This module will work with all versions of System 21 and requires no modification of the standard system.

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