In most areas of the business, staff automatically get trained on the equipment they use. You certainly wouldn’t let anyone loose on a forklift without proper training!, and for some jobs e.g. First Aid, they need to be re-trained regularly.

But how many companies ever train or indeed re-train the staff on using their computer systems? There is an expectation that everyone nowadays can use an IT system, probably because they use a PC at home, hence they don’t need it. Or perhaps the supervisor will train them. Very often ‘bad practises’ are passed on to new users, adding complexity and excess time to system use.

With businesses under increased pressure on costs, improving productivity, in which the UK lags behind a lot of Europe, could be the answer. Many of our clients have received no training since the system was implemented in the 1990’s.

We at IMS have found over our 25 years in business that a modest investment in training can greatly increase efficiency, reduce errors and improve morale, as members of staff feel confident that they understand the system and more importantly, know how to resolve simple errors. Often complicated workarounds or even expensive bespoke modifications are replaced by standard functionality. New functions are discovered which improve efficiency.

There are many ways that IMS can address this issue and these can be tailor made for you. We can perhaps even review business processes within a department and report on the training required/business improvements identified.

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