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Introducing IMS Essentials: Help increase productivity with the IMS utilities suite for the IBM i


A recent survey found that approximately 30% of respondents cited a shortage of skilled staff as a motivation for undertaking modernisation projects (IT Jungle).  Research from Gartner has also highlighted that IT downtime, caused by either brownouts or outages, can cost businesses on average £4,000 per minute, with 98% of businesses claiming a single hour of downtime costs over £80,000.

However, what if you didn’t have to worry about skill level as a factor in maintaining and improving the efficiency of your IBM i system? Furthermore, what if you could help reduce downtime by preventing many commonly reported system issues in the first place?


IMS Essentials comprises a group of utilities that have been specifically developed to quickly and easily solve common issues that affect the speed and smooth operation of your IBM i:

IMS Unlock: Allows easy removal of record locks

IMS Re-Org: Recovers disk space occupied by a build-up of deleted records within files.

IMS Spool-Clear: Removes the build-up of spool files by user, output queue or date parameters.

IMS SpaceSaver: Clears Audit files / Clear Work files.

IMS GLR: General Ledger reconciliation utility*
*Specific to System 21 ERP users

The IMS team are able to install each of these crucial tools within a short time, helping your business to minimise technical downtime within a matter of days. For businesses that are also experiencing a skills shortage, we can also offer training and support options.

To help keep your business operations running as smoothly as possible, contact the IMS team today.