Infor Workspace is a customised environment that supports configurations for different operations, various company configurations and can be single or multi server. However, with every simple front end to a complex backend and with the reduction in specialist programmers and IT support in many areas you are likely to need specialist Workspace help at some point.

At IMS we have experts with the skills and experience to install, manage change configuration and set up new Workspace configurations when you need them.

We can help you when new configurations are needed because of business changes, acquisitions, mergers or new business  opportunities. We can provide both support and development work that cannot be done by the average network person. We have an in-depth understanding of the back end and of windows based applications. IMS are specialist and can provide you with the depth of experience needed but which may be  unavailable to you in house.

Workspace makes your System 21 work easier – we make your Workspace work 

What is Workspace?

Infor Workspace is a critical part of any Infor System 21 solution providing the user friendly browser based interface users are comfortable with.  It is a front ended application which sits in front of the Auora System 21 product and replicates the front end making it easier for non-specialist personnel to work with the system.

The duplicated back end applications typically run on a server and are sited separately from but connected to your System 21.

Because Workspace is part of your network you ideally need not just workspace expertise but also networking skills to manage it. Skills in DR, Security, Networking, Servers  and  System 21 are equally important to get the best from your system.  This is what IMS can provide.
Workspace is an integral part of System 21 not just a nice to have.