Disaster Recovery planning is a critical aspect of your iSeries deployment.  IMS provides support for establishing and testing the disaster recovery options developed for your network.

DR saved my job might sound like a bad headline in the gutter press but at IMS, we know of more than one system manager who claims it is true.  The client mentioned had a system in which they had great confidence. The new IBM hardware was still under warranty, the DR was in place, and the system was well managed. Then the unexpected happened and two and a half weeks later the system was still not back to running as normal. Fortunately, the DR system was there to keep the system running and the business operating.

The IMS experience of IBM Power servers/ (iSeries) combined with our knowledge of Security Audits/ IBM i systems and Firewall (LAN/WAN) / Server Vulnerability testing and reporting puts us in a unique position to assist with both IBMi and WAN/LAN networks with their security concerns.

Where would you be if the unexpected happened? Could you handle a System Disaster?

Regularly checking that your disaster recovery plans are working and meet changing needs is not scaremongering, it is a sensible business decision.