At IMS we offer hardware upgrades on IBM Power8 servers (iSeries)/AS400 based systems, we can help you with your sizing and growth planning of your system.
IMS understands that not all customers want the latest system and OS release. Often there are constraints with ERP system releases and this can restrict the Hardware level and software release level the customer can use.

As a company we understand both the importance of the application environment and the hardware/operating system.  So often we can improve performance or increase capacity of systems which the customer often believes cannot be upgraded.

IMS has access to high quality second user iSeries components. This can often give an older system anew lease of life? Typically IBM will not deal with these systems from an upgrade point of view due to age of the system and therefore will only offer a new system. This will have the latest OS and will not be compatible with earlier implementations of System 21 which are still currently in use by many customers?

Because we use second user quality components the upgrades are cost effective and the parts are always accepted on maintenance agreements which include agreements direct with IBM. System performance is key to the trouble free operation of an ERP system often running on the IBM i. So it makes sense to have a partner who understands both aspects. IMS are such a partner.

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